Valley Trunk guests can enjoy exclusive access to numerous beautiful dive sites. A PADI Instructor will accompany guests on each dive, with a wide choice of locations suitable for all levels of experience, including the famous shipwrecks that remind us of the history of the Caribbean.

The Caves at Norman Island are rumoured to have been the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic adventure tale Treasure Island. At Joe’s Cave, an underwater cavern on West Dog Island, divers can swim alongside giant grouper, eagle rays or flowing schools of glassy sweepers. The Chimney at Great Dog Island near Virgin Gorda reveals a coral archway and canyon covered with a wide variety of sponges and coral, including the rare white variety.

For adventure-seekers, many fascinating shipwrecks lie scattered across the ocean floor. If you’re a novice, choose from sheltered wrecks like the “three Wrecks”, the shallow end of the Rhone or the Fearless. More advanced divers can explore the Rokus off the southeast tip of Anegada, or the Chikuzen off Tortola’s East End, a 268-foot steel-hulled refrigerator ship blessed with visibility so good you can stand on the bow and see all the way to the stern, or the deeper parts of the Rhone off Salt Island, a British mail ship sunk in a storm in 1867, generally recognised as the best dive site in the Caribbean.